It all started with Canon AE-1 Program. It was the very first camera I brought a year ago. I wanted to start with film, and the AE-1 Program was one of the most hyped one then. Then I discovered I needed a camera with shutter priority mode and brought Canon A-1, which, IMHO, is the superior version of the AE-1 Program. Then I came across an almost mint beloved Minolta X-700 and couldn't resist. Still one of my favorite. I haven't heard of Minolta back then, but now it's one of the tops (by quantity) cameras I own.

Those are great cameras, but what is everyone talking about, Nikon? I want one, need that. And here comes the Nikon F3 and FA. Now I have it all... But there is an auction going on right now of FM2n in mint+++++ condition, almost new; what u gonna do? Get it quickly while it's hot. What about FE2? Need that...

and the list never ends...

Hera are list of cameras I own:


  • XG-M, SLR, silver
  • X-300, SLR, black
  • X-700, SLR, black
  • MAXXUM 5000, SLR, black
  • MAXXUM 7000, SLR, black
  • Dynax 7000i, SLR, black
  • Dynax 404si, SLR, silver
  • Hi-matic 7s II, Rangefinder, black
  • Hi-matic G, Rangefinder, black


  • FTb, SLR, silver
  • AE-1 Program, SLR, black
  • A-1, SLR, black
  • AF35M, Point & Shoot, black
  • AF35M II, Point & Shoot, black


  • FX-3, SLR, black
  • Electro 35 GSN , Rangefinder, silver


  • ZE, SLR, black


  • DL 200, Point & Shoot, black


  • Optima 335, Rangefinder, black
  • Optima 535, Rangefinder, black
  • Optima 1035, Rangefinder, black
  • Optima Flash sensor, Rangefinder, black

Zeiss Ikon

  • Ikonta (521/16), Rangefinder, silver
  • Signal Nettar 518/2, Rangefinder, silver


  • LED, Rangefinder, black
  • B, Rangefinder, black


  • FG, SLR, silver
  • EM, SLR, black
  • FM, SLR, silver
  • FM, SLR, black
  • FM2n, SLR, black
  • FE, SLR, silver
  • FE, SLR, black
  • FE2, SLR, black
  • FA, SLR, black
  • F3, SLR, black
  • F4, SLR, black
  • F401, SLR, black
  • F501, SLR, black
  • F601, SLR, black
  • F801s, SLR, black
  • F65, SLR, black
  • F75, SLR, black
  • F80, SLR, black